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Why it’s not too late to launch a member engagement program

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It’s mid-year—is your plan performance below target? And if so, does that mean it’s simply too late to boost vital metrics like Star or HEDIS scores and turn things around?


At NovuHealth, we know it’s not too late. A member engagement program can have a significant impact on short- and long-term performance, no matter what time of year it’s launched. But why tell you when we can show you?


Today, we’re releasing the results from our latest case study, revealing our approach to improving Star measure performance—and laying the foundation for member loyalty—in just a matter of months.


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In partnership with a leading Medicare Advantage plan, we designed a customized engagement program in October 2016 to close gaps among a specific number of members by December of the same year. To do so, we focused solely on the non-compliant, high-propensity member population and, to have the biggest impact in the shortest period of time, we targeted only those measures (like the Annual Wellness Visit) that would most affect Star quality ratings, risk adjustment and overall plan performance.


So, did we pull it off? Download the case study to see the full results, and learn how we leverage consumer loyalty best practices to deliver business objectives, year-round.

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