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Want your employee wellness program to succeed? Get personal.

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Get personal with your employee wellness program

As employee wellness programs have proliferated in workplaces across the country, numerous case studies and research projects have arisen in their wake with the goal of determining what works and what doesn’t when it comes to engaging employees in their own health. Across the board, one message has emerged again and again as a key to ensuring success: personalization.

So how do you make your wellness program a personalized experience for your employees without getting too, well, personal? Here’s what the data tell us:

Freedom in form

A one-size-fits-all approach only works when selling hats, and sometimes not even then. Giving your employees options within a wellness program and letting them choose their own goals will relieve pressure to perform. A study of workplace wellness programs by the US Department of Labor found that employees are more inclined to participate in wellness activities if they are convenient and address their underlying needs. Novu gives employees a framework in which to work on their health but the freedom to choose the programs, challenges, and groups that reflect their personal health and wellness priorities.

Give the people what they want

Personalization isn’t just key to wellness programs: it’s become central to consumer strategy across industries, from retail to advertising. The success of Amazon’s recommendation engine is a great example: consumers end up buying products they didn’t even know they wanted at the beginning of their search—but their data told a different story.

And when program offerings are based on employee data, the return on investment is even greater. Following a survey of nearly 20,000 human resources and wellness professionals by Healthiest Employer, a workplace population health data and analytics company, CEO Rod Reasen was quoted as saying “traditional wellness will say that there’s a 3-1 return on investment. By targeting, we believe you can see upward of a 50-1 return investment, because you’re focusing on the folks who are going to have health related problems, not the ones who did last year.”

When members aren’t sure where to start, Novu’s platform will recommend programs, groups, and health buddies based on data the employee has freely provided, and biometric tools like the HRA-based Novu LifeScore allow employees to spot their areas of improvement alongside data-generated program recommendations and condition-specific support groups.

Put the “person” in “personalization”

Real human interaction can make the difference between your wellness program sinking or swimming. Employees should know that there are real people on the other side of their experience. On Novu, they can receive personal messages from experts like wellness coaches, registered dietitians and personal trainers when they’ve got questions or need a little support.

When the wellness experience is personal, employees are more likely to engage in their own health for the long-term—lowering healthcare costs and raising overall engagement in the workplace.

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