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Using audience segmentation and targeting to improve Medicaid health outcomes

Jordan Mauer

Here’s something that most plans recognize, but aren’t always sure how to act on when creating rewards and engagement programs: not all Medicaid members are created equal when it comes to closing gaps in their care. Some members will naturally attend their preventive screenings and annual doctor visits without a second thought; others simply can’t due to transportation or child care restraints. It’s the group in the middle—those members who are likely to close gaps with sufficient incentives and engaging reminders—where we at NovuHealth focus our energies when working with plans.


Using audience segmentation and targeting to improve Medicaid health outcomes

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Let’s back up a bit: why not target everyone equally? The short answer to that is return on investment. When you market to the first group, the members who are likely to close care gaps on their own, you may be spending reward dollars unnecessarily. For this group, we recommend a minimum investment to avoid subsidization of the rest of the population. For the second group, those members who are unlikely to ever close gaps in care, over-investment on rewards and incentives or marketing collateral can lead to waste. It’s the third group where your engagement dollars can go the farthest, especially when channel and program strategies are optimized.


So how, exactly, do we find those just-right members who will not only close gaps in care with the right incentive amount and engagement program, but will influence your HEDIS measures by doing so? Data. At NovuHealth, we use third-party data and combine it with behavioral analytics to not only identify the correct members to target, but to encourage them to attend visits and screenings most cost effectively.


Segmentation and targeting based on propensity for action and other ROI-focused stratifications are baked into our process for closing high-value behaviors here at NovuHealth. To learn more about how this applies to Medicaid plans specifically, check out our recent white paper: “Driving High-Value Behaviors in Medicaid Plans: Medicaid rewards and engagement programs to activate hard-to-reach members and close gaps in care.”

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