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Updated Novu App Available From The iTunes App Store

Novu Health

Today, Novu announced a newly updated mobile app available on the iTunes App Store. The new mobile app allows Novu members to access all of the same content, social interactions and rewards opportunities they enjoy on other devices via iPhone and iPad.


The new experience also furthers Novu’s mission of reaching the right member with the right message at the right time—wherever they are. And since many of the behaviors that we reward our members for happen on the go—healthy eating, fitness routines and doctor’s visits, for example—the app allows members to log their behaviors as soon as they happen. Members’ actions will automatically sync across channels, allowing them to access and cash in on their progress anytime.

The app’s new interface includes features like progress visualization, one-click access to all programs and activities and message alerts. It also allows for integration with Fitbits or other wearable devices, giving members a central location to host all of their health and fitness-related data.

The app is free for members but requires Novu log-in credentials to access. Find us on the App Store here.