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How do Rewards and Incentives Programs Impact Quality Ratings?

Jordan Mauer

Novu’s rewards and incentives programs (R/I programs) result in excellent engagement rates among members—but the real pay-off for plans is the bump in Quality scores, including Medicare Stars and Medicaid’s Pay-for-Performance program by improving HEDIS, HOS...

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Fairview Health Services Launches Diabetes, Smoking Clinical Pilots

Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi

Today we're excited to announced that Fairview Health Services will launch five clinical pilot programs on the Novu Platform to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of augmenting traditional care resources with digital tools, such as rewards, community,...

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Novu’s Diabetes Prevention Program Proves Effective & Cost-Efficient

Tom Wicka

Back in July we announced the availability of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a digitally delivered National Institute of Health protocol through the Novu platform. Novu’s DPP addresses the growing type 2 diabetes epidemic in America for our clients. Today,...

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Diabetes Management Program Design (New Infographic)

Mickey Nelson

Diabetes prevention and mitigation requires programs that combine the latest technology, as well as a unique approach to content design. By looking at technology and content design holistically rather than individually, patients and members currently facing or...

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Diabetes Prevention and Novu

Tom Wicka

Today, we launched our Diabetes Prevention Program. The program is based on leading research from the National Institute of Health (NIH), who has done amazing research on this disease. Our goal with this program is to equip health care companies and employers with...

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Great Grilling Tips for Diabetics

Elycia Arendt

If you have diabetes, grilling is a great way to prepare meals. The key to diabetic grilling is to focus on lean meats and vegetables and to avoid sugar-heavy barbecue sauces.

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Does 10,000 Steps a Day Make a Healthy Employee?

Novu Health

Have you heard of FitBit, Nike FuelBand, or a "personal activity tracker?" A personal activity tracker is a highly evolved version of a pedometer. It counts how many steps an individual takes, tallies the miles they've traveled, and calculates the calories...

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