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Welcome to the era of the empowered health care consumer: How effective engagement enhances satisfaction and brand loyalty

Novu Health

At the leading-edge of health care, we’re witnessing a revolutionary shift. Say goodbye to the passive health care member—we’re entering the era of the empowered health care consumer.


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Two major trends shaping the health care revolution: Insights from AHIP

Kristin Gasteazoro

How do you know when you’re witnessing an industry on the cusp of a revolution? Language.


The phrases buzzing around the 2016 AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) Institute & Expo were rife with change. Phrases like data utilization for better decisions,...

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Insurance “Sleeping Giants” Awakening to Member Engagement Imperative

Andrew Cone

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend AHIP Institute in Seattle, the largest gathering of health plans in the US.  Over the years, AHIP Institute has been at the center of all discussions around federal / state health care policies, as well as trends that...

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