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3 new email best practices for health care engagement

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Takeaways from the Litmus Email Design Conference

As part of our promise to our clients to deliver the latest in engagement, we keep a close eye on marketing best practices across industries. Email reigns as king in many consumer marketing departments, and it’s an important part of the omni-channel communications strategy that we bring to members. Our in-house email designers* attended the 2016 Litmus Email Design Conference and brought back key insights on this year’s best practices, complete with our own spin for the health care market:


3 new email best practices for health care engagement


Be device agnostic

It’s part of our mission to deliver the right message to the right member at the right time—but even if you hit all of those targets, your work to connect with members is for naught if the email cannot be read on a particular device. Animation in emails can be fun and eye-catching, for example, but not all email clients support this feature. And while images can draw a reader’s attention, be careful not to rely on your images to communicate your message. Some devices block images by default, which is also why alt text (the html text behind images) is so crucial.


For Medicaid plans in particular, engagement that can take place on mobile devices is vital to activating members. Keep in mind that many members will have pre-paid phones rather than smartphones, and may not have the data to load image- or video-heavy emails.


Segment, personalize, repeat

It’s been understood for a while now that personalization is powerful in both email marketing in general (enjoy a 14% boost in click-through rates with a personalized email) and in health care marketing specifically, but segmentation is just as important. Don’t send a blanket message to your entire membership: consider segmenting by demographics like age, gender or geographic location—or by H-plan—so you can focus your message. At Novu, our robust data science tools and team allow us to segment and personalize just like a consumer retailer.


Templates are the new black

One of the most exciting concepts to come out of the conference was modular email templates. It sounds fancy and complicated, but by building flexible templates, plans can quickly and efficiently make one email dynamically work for multiple audiences based on brand and preference settings. For plans that speak to members under multiple brands, or in a co-branded experience, this innovation will be key to streamlining communications for members—and time for your team.


Of course, email communications are only part of the engagement equation—but now is the time to be on the cutting edge of the technologies that will dictate future marketing tactics. Find a full picture of our omni-channel solutions here:


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*Did we mention that one of them just kicked butt in the company-wide planking contest? True story.