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The vital role of data scientists in value-based care: NovuHealth EVP of Marketing & Engagement shares insights

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Since 2015, it’s been out with fee-for-service and in with value-based care. Meaning, health care providers are no longer reimbursed for each service performed, but based on the quality of care provided.


So, how to ensure better quality? That’s where data science comes in. A health care data scientist can analyze patient trends—and help improve health outcomes. Jordan Mauer, NovuHealth EVP of Marketing & Member Engagement explains more, over at TechTarget Health IT.


Here's a preview of the article:


“One of the main capabilities a data scientist should have is an understanding of the problem that needs solving, said Jordan Mauer, Executive Vice President of Marketing & Member Engagement at NovuHealth, a consumer engagement company based in Minneapolis that uses performance analytics and behavior science to create rewards programs. Not only does the challenge involve deriving insights from the data, but it also means determining if those insights are practical and can be used to help a hospital, Mauer said, adding, ‘It's so critical in a very complex health care ecosystem.’


Mauer said it's also important that a health care data scientist understand what's pushing value-based care and ask contextual questions prior to looking at data, such as the following:

  • How does a provider get reimbursed?
  • What is the patient's role in that process, and is the patient economically stimulated?
  • What is a health plan's position on quality or gaps in care, and how does it affect how providers are reimbursed?” 

Click here to see the full article, “How a health care data scientist can aid in value-based care,” and learn more about the role of data science in quality improvement.


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