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The need-to-know guide for including rewards & incentives in your 2019 Medicare Advantage bid

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A quick-start guide to including rewards and incentives programs in your 2019 bid


Welcome to bid season! With 2019 bids due June 4, now’s the time to get a rewards and incentives (R/I) program included in your CY 2019 Medicare Advantage bid.


2019 Medicare Advantage Bid | Checklist 

Why? An R/I program supports high-value health care activities and drives more effective member engagement. Ensuring that your program fits fully within CMS compliance guidelines is not only key to a smooth program roll-out, it can also lead to faster results for member health and plan performance alike.


That’s why we’ve put together your need-to-know guide on correctly handling rewards and incentives cost with the latest guidance from CMS:


CMS R/I Program Guidance

  • An R/I program is not considered a benefit
  • R/I programs should be considered as an administrative or other non-medical cost for plan operation
  • R/I programs should be “included in the bid as a non-benefit expense and should not be entered into the Plan Benefit Package”
  • R/I programs are not allowed for Part D plans
  • New for 2019: R/I programs are now allowed to reward members for HRAs


Inherent to a successful rewards and incentives initiative is a program tailored to your population—all the way down to the H-contract and PBP level. Check out our white paper for a more comprehensive look at how to build an effective R/I program. Plus, download our essential checklist for including rewards & incentives in your 2019 bid below.

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Have questions about including rewards and incentives in your bid? We can help. Contact us to better understand how NovuHealth marries compliance and engagement strategies for better member health and plan performance—and get an R/I strategy, personalized for your plan.


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