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The key to Medicare Advantage plan success? A results-driven member engagement program.

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Expectations for Medicare Advantage plans are higher today than ever.


With the growth of consumerism in health care, consumers increasingly demand high Star ratings, best-in-class benefits and care, and a retail-like member experience. At the same time, CMS offers financial bonuses—sometimes worth millions of dollars—to plans that achieve exceptional performance, earning high Star ratings by investing in quality initiatives and improving member health. Meanwhile, lower-performing plans are increasingly edged out of the market—they simply can’t compete.


2018 Medicare Advantage Leadership Innovations


What’s the key to success in today’s competitive health care landscape? A results-driven member engagement program.


An engaged member is an active member—likely to attend preventive screenings and recommended care appointments, leading to overall better health at a lower cost. What’s more, these members are more likely to stay with their current plan—and recommend it to others in their circle.


So, how can you design an engagement program that builds member satisfaction and trust, while simultaneously boosting plan performance? Learn more in our latest presentation, first shared by NovuHealth’s EVP of Marketing & Engagement Jordan Mauer at this year’s Medicare Advantage Leadership Innovations conference.


Download the presentation, “How Plans Can Use Intelligent Member Engagement to Drive Incremental, Value-Based Performance and Improve Member Health,” using the button below.


Want even more insights and best practices to build an engagement program that improves health, boosts quality and drives plan growth? Contact us to keep the conversation going.

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Jordan Mauer is Executive Vice President of Marketing & Engagement at NovuHealth. In this role, he develops and leads the company’s marketing and brand initiatives, as well as member engagement programs. With more than 15 years of senior marketing leadership experience, Jordan brings a passion for analytics, loyalty operations and engagement, as well as strategic energy to NovuHealth. 


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