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How can member engagement improve quality performance, boost member satisfaction and improve member health?


We could simply tell you—but why not show you?


The Power of Engagement to Drive Quality Performance


We shared our unique approach to effectively engaging members—highlighting compelling results from our partnership with top-performing plan, Community Health Choice—in our most recent presentation at AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum.


Co-led by our own EVP of Marketing & Engagement Jordan Mauer and Pamela Hanson, Senior Manager, Service Improvement at Community Health Choice, we delved into a revealing case study—sharing real-life tips for building a member experience that fosters engagement, develops brand affinity and improves member health.


Ready to get the practical insights you need to launch your engagement program?


Download the presentation “The Power of Engagement to Drive Quality Performance,” using the button below. For even more engagement program insights and best practices, contact us to keep the conversation going.

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Jordan Mauer is Executive Vice President of Marketing & Engagement at NovuHealth. In this role, he develops and leads the company’s marketing and brand initiatives, as well as the end-to-end management of member-facing operations. With more than 15 years of senior marketing leadership experience, Jordan brings a passion for analytics, loyalty operations and engagement, as well as strategic energy to NovuHealth. 


Pamela Hanson has more than 30 years of experience in the managed care industry and is passionate about connecting members to better health. Her success in leading organizations— from claims, finance, marketing, and service improvement—has given Pamela a unique understanding of member and provider needs. As part of her commitment to improving health outcomes, Pamela is heavily involved in outreach efforts with community organizations aimed at serving the underserved.


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