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Novu’s new Balance & Mobility Program helps prevent falls in seniors

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Novu’s new Balance & Mobility Program helps prevent falls in seniors

To better address the needs of our growing Medicare population, we’ve recently released a new program to help prevent the leading cause of injury among older adults: falling. The Balance and Mobility program leads members through a combination of simple exercises and safety measures that can help seniors build leg strength, regain agility and reduce the fear associated with falling.

A new study led by Dr. Christine Cigolle of the University of Michigan Medical School found that falls are on the rise among American adults aged 65+, adding to the fact that falls have long been a serious health concern for older adults. It’s believed that one in three seniors will suffer a fall each year, and the economic impact is significant: the CDC reports that in 2012, the direct medical costs of falls was $30 billion.

For seniors who experience a fall, the effects can be devastating on their lifestyle and level of independence: falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries and fractures. However, falls are largely preventable, and Novu’s new program presents the steps that seniors can take to avoid falls in its signature, easily digestible format of daily activities combined with social support and rewards.

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