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The life of the party: NovuHealth hosts rooftop bash at AHIP Institute & Expo in Austin

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At NovuHealth, we work hard every day to engage health care consumers and improve the health care system. But sometimes, we just need to let our hair down and have some fun with our health care community! To celebrate the great work being done by innovators in our industry—and connect with those joining us on the leading edge—we threw a little rooftop soiree after day 1 of this year’s AHIP Institute & Expo in Austin, Texas.


And it was a blast! Thanks to all who attended—from meaningful conversations to moments of spontaneous fun, it was a true pleasure connecting with you.


To see the photo highlights from our event at Bob’s Steakhouse in Austin, just keep scrolling! Plus, get the recipes for our two signature cocktails, created just for NovuHealth and perfect for keeping the party going. Enjoy!

 Event_AHIP Rooftop After-Party_060817_Image1.jpg


Blueberry Martini

2.5 oz. Cinco Vodka

1 oz. Blue Curacao

.5 oz. simple syrup

8 muddled blueberries


Bob’s Blue Hawaiian

1.5 oz. Pusser's Rum

1 oz. Blue Curacao

Splash of Sprite


About NovuHealth

NovuHealth is the health care industry’s leading data sciences and behavior change company, designed to enable health plans to better understand, motivate and connect with members. Leveraging clinical and behavioral best practices, rewards, incentives and personalized communication, NovuHealth delivers high-value member behaviors. Visit us at


About AHIP Institute & Expo

During these uncertain times in health care, AHIP’s Institute & Expo delivers clarity on what’s happening right now, as well as fresh strategies and resources to stay ahead of change.


Attendees leave with global and day-to-day perspectives on the most critical topics in health care, including: balancing innovation and costs; consumer-focused health care; APMs and value-based models; data; technology; treating patients with complex conditions; prevention, health, and well-being; and overall disruption.


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