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NovuHealth CEO Tom Wicka talks single-payer health care with Managed Healthcare Executive

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Change is knocking on the health care industry’s door these days. Yet, exactly what that change will look like remains uncertain. Notably, amid the current conversation on health care reform and legislation, talk of single-payer health care—also called the “Medicare for All” model—has continued to gain traction and greater visibility.


So what should health care executives know about single-payer health? NovuHealth CEO Tom Wicka recently spoke with Managed Healthcare Executive on the subject—sharing insight into the similarities between single-payer and Medicare Advantage.


Here's a preview of the article:


“‘When CMS instituted the Star ratings program linking health plan quality performance and member satisfaction to significant bonuses and rebates, they designed a system to achieve true value-based performance,’ says Tom Wicka, CEO and cofounder of NovuHealth, a health care consumer engagement company. ‘By linking performance and satisfaction, CMS created a system that allows health plans to incent members to engage in their health and close care gaps.’


This strategy of motivating members to engage in their personal health and rewarding plans for performance is the same approach any single-payer system would also need to embrace, says Wicka.


‘More broadly, any population covered under a single-payer system will need to take more personal health responsibility to lower long-term medical costs if health plans and providers are to be paid based on value delivered,’ he says.”


Click here to see the full article, “Four things to know about single-payer health care,” for more single-payer insights.


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