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NovuHealth CEO Tom Wicka on how higher Star ratings can help MA plans strengthen performance

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With the growing popularity of Medicare Advantage (MA), and more aging Baby Boomers joining MA plans every day, the market has never been more competitive.


In such a saturated environment, a higher Star rating can be a powerful means of setting your plan apart. As more and more consumers proactively select plans that offer the best benefits and the highest quality care, a high Star rating signals a more enticing plan.


What’s more, a higher Star rating benefits the entire health care ecosystem. Stronger plans are incented to provide better care and greater access, leading to a healthier society overall.


NovuHealth CEO Tom Wicka recently shared more on our viewpoint on the importance of Star ratings in an article over at HealthCare Finance News:


“A high Star rating offers a competitive advantage for a plan on multiple fronts in an increasingly competitive market,” Wicka said. “For many of the plans NovuHealth works with, the higher CMS bonus—sometimes millions of dollars—can significantly strengthen a plan's performance."


Click here to see the full article, “Star ratings jump strengthens enrollment, performance of Medicare Advantage plans,” for more on how Star rating improvements can help MA plans thrive in a competitive market.


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