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Novu’s Recovery Wellness Program addresses risk of problem drinking

Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi

As part of Novu’s larger member engagement platform, the Recovery Wellness Program gives members the tools to recognize triggers and avoid relapse.

According to a newly published study in JAMA Psychiatry, problem drinking is widely prevalent among U.S. adults, currently affecting nearly 33 million people, most of whom have never sought treatment.

Defined as anyone who experiences at least two of eleven possible symptoms—such as drinking that affects work performance or failed attempts to limit intake—problem drinkers represent 14% of the adult population. This is up from 9% a decade ago. Furthermore, the study noted that 30% experienced problem drinking at some point in their lives.


Novu’s newly released Recovery Wellness Program takes a daily-steps approach to address everything from triggers and stressors to avoiding relapse and readying a new lifestyle for those who struggle with alcohol consumption. As a self-directed online program, members are able to work through it on their own time and in the privacy of their own homes while still receiving support from peers and experts alike should they choose, which may work to reduce the stigma surrounding seeking help.


While excessive drinking is dangerous on its own, the long-term risks to an individual’s health are detrimental. As part of Novu’s larger member engagement platform, the Recovery Wellness Program does not exist in a vacuum, instead positioning members in an environment where the material is presented alongside healthy living strategies like nutrition, stress management and sleep health.


The Recovery Wellness Program is now available to Novu members on a premium basis. See how we’re affecting behavior change through programs here.


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