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Diabetes Education program guides disease management for members

Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi

Novu Diabetes Education program designed to drive member engagement and member rewards and reduce risk for health care system.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our Diabetes Education program today—the latest in a series of disease management member programs designed to empower members and reduce risk for the health care system.


According to the American Diabetes Association, 9.3% of the general population has diabetes (as of 2012), with a higher prevalence among seniors at 25.9%. Applicable to diabetics of all ages, the Diabetes Education program offers practical tips on living with the disease including planning balanced meals, managing stress and working physical activity into everyday life. The program also delves into the specifics of diabetes management with educational units on how to choose a meter, store supplies and monitor blood sugar.


Diabetes is a complex and costly condition, requiring an active role on the part of the member in order to prevent further complications. Delivering clinical content in bite-sized pieces over the course of several weeks, completed at the member’s pace and augmented by Novu’s end-to-end engagement platform including member rewards, gamification and community, produces health behavior results in member engagement and cost savings for payers.


The Diabetes Education program is part of our self-management toolset. Click here to learn more on how we help our customers deliver high-quality care protocols and extend reach.


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