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Launching a successful mid-year member engagement program, part 3: focus your budget for outstanding ROI

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When we talk about launching a brand new engagement program mid-year, we know you might be asking yourself: Where would I find the budget for this? I don’t have enough left to spend on a new initiative.


And we get it. A tight budget can certainly be a concern when considering a new engagement effort, late in the year. However, as we’ve seen at NovuHealth through launching engagement solutions with our partners, it certainly doesn’t have to hold you back—especially when it comes to impacting your Star rating.


If you’ve designed an intelligent engagement program (as illustrated in our case study) that leverages effective communications and targets only the right members, you know you’ve created a program that will deliver high return on investment in a seamless, cost-effective way. The key to this is avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach. Personalized, highly-targeted and user-friendly communications generate significantly more engagement, and ensure that you are focusing the majority of your budget only on those members most likely to move the needle on performance.


Investing in such a highly-focused effort means you won’t be spreading your budget thin—without a guaranteed result. (Or a result that comes at too high of a cost.) Rather consider reallocating your budget dollars to make room for an intelligent rewards and engagement program this year and set the groundwork now for a larger, more robust program in the following year. You’ll see an outsized ROI by December 2017, and be ready to hit the ground running come January 2018.


To give you an idea of what’s possible, just take a look at the results from our case study: Too late in the year to launch an engagement program? Not with NovuHealth.


never-too-late-for-engagement-program-stats graphic.jpg


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