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Launching a successful mid-year member engagement program, part 2: reaching the right members

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It’s not too late in the year for health plans to launch a member engagement program—and we can prove it. We’ve released a case study detailing how to make your mid-year launch successful, we dug deeper into designing effective member communications, and this week, we’re talking all about propensity modeling (aka how to reach only the right members). 


Why target only certain members in your mid-year engagement program? And who are the right members anyway? 


At NovuHealth, we use data analytics to identify the members who are most likely to engage, and who’ll have the biggest impact on performance. We call this propensity modeling, and it’s powered by consumer data such as age, gender, income and even online activity. 


Our modeling capabilities (and the data insights therein) allow us to develop highly targeted, personalized solutions. Instead of launching a one-size-fits-all approach, we focus our communications and budget only on those members likely to deliver high-value activities and boost plan performance. This ensures that we’re not over-subsidizing already compliant members, who would likely complete high-value activities (such as getting the recommended cancer screenings) anyway, even without the encouragement of an engagement program. Not only does this strategy make our solutions more cost-effective, but also more effective at driving engagement overall.


And with time being a significant factor in a mid-year engagement program, this highly-targeted approach is all the more important—ensuring robust results in even the shortest period of time.


Stay tuned to the blog for our next and final post in this mid-year engagement series, where we’ll tackle all things budget and the benefits of investing in a highly-focused engagement effort—even in the second half of the year.

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