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Launching a successful mid-year member engagement program, part 1: high-touch, high-impact communications

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Last week on the blog, we released our new case study that proves it’s not too late for health plans to launch a mid-year engagement program. This week, we’re digging deeper into our solution—specifically, how we leverage tools like data analytics to design a communication plan for engagement programs that have just a few months to make an impact.


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To optimize the effectiveness of our communications in a limited time frame, we use analytics and data modeling to determine how likely members will be to respond to communications via different channels, from telephonic and print to digital and mobile. And at NovuHealth, we’re never content to simply rest on our initial assessment: throughout our programs, we optimize our channel mix and communication style, constantly measuring and refining based on member action or inaction. Across all of our efforts, we consistently prioritize the lower-cost channel to reduce cost waste. For the solution discussed in our case study, we found that our sweet spot was a channel mix lower on telephonic and higher on digital.

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The other lever we can pull when designing a mid-year engagement program is communication frequency. In our case study, we employed a high-touch, high-impact strategy. Members received consistent, frequent communications through NovuHealth channels—as well as the plan’s existing channels—to integrate the rewards and engagement program messaging into existing touchpoints. This allowed us to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience to members, increasing satisfaction, closing gaps in care and boosting member retention.


Ultimately, our communication plan is a large part of what allows our engagement programs to have an outsized impact in just a small window of time. Stay tuned to the blog for next week's post, digging deeper into another key aspect of our mid-year engagement plan strategy: population segmentation (aka: targeting and activating only the right members).

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