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How to increase health care satisfaction rates with intelligent member engagement

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When your member decides to shop around for new health insurance, your plan loses out not only on current and future revenue, but a potential loyal brand ambassador as well.

 Increase Member Satisfaction


What’s more, a high churn rate impacts brand value, risk adjustment, profitability and viability. So how can you hold on to your valuable existing members?


At NovuHealth, our approach to health care satisfaction is simple: it begins and ends with member engagement.


Today, we’re releasing the results from our latest case study, revealing how we design intelligent member engagement programs—tailored to a plan’s specific needs and challenges—to produce engaged, loyal members.


Through our work with Medicare and Medicaid plans alike, we’ve seen time and again the strong connection between engagement and brand affinity. That’s because engagement programs create opportunities for positive communication across multiple touchpoints, and empower members to be better, more confident health care consumers. Ultimately, this has a big impact on consumer satisfaction rates.


The proof? Our data shows intelligent member engagement strategies can singlehandedly reduce churn rate by at least half in the short-term—and increase retention by even more over the long-term.


Download the case study to see the full results, and learn how we boost satisfaction and brand affinity—just like any good consumer loyalty program. Or, contact us to learn more about how we tailor rewards and engagement solutions to your member population using the latest in behavioral health science and health care data analytics.

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