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How rewards and incentives programs impact the 4 key elements of plan performance

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Today we are thrilled to release our newest white paper: Investing in member engagement: Utilizing rewards and incentives to position a plan for long-term success.


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As performance expectations continue to rise, a well-designed rewards and incentives (R&I) program should be at the center of any Medicare Advantage plan’s member-engagement strategy. Why? CMS has put policies in place that not only leave the door open to R&I programs, but also reward plans that, well, reward their members for taking an active role in their health care.


For an innovative plan, ready to shift to consumer-centric thinking, R&I programs have the power to improve the four essential elements of performance: quality, retention, acquisition and cost utilization.


Our white paper outlines our unique approach to boosting performance in further detail. Get a sneak peek here:


“A member-centric R&I program that acknowledges and addresses member barriers is an effective way to develop a long-term, engaged relationship with members—one that can slowly transition members from passive actors to active participants in their health. That is one reason why our programs seek active participation by members in their targeted activities. Passive participation simply breeds more disengagement. It is the establishment of this long-term engagement that results in better compliance, fewer complexities and lower long-term health care costs.”


To learn more about our approach to R&I programs as the strategic centerpiece of member engagement, download the full white paper. 

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