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How one Medicaid plan closed gaps in care and reduced churn with targeted member engagement

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For Medicaid plans, it can be a struggle to engage hard-to-reach members—let alone motivate them to participate in preventive care. For one thing, Medicaid members are a widely diverse group and often face numerous barriers to better health—for example, social determinants of health like a lack of transportation or living in a food desert.


How one medicaid plan boosted performance and improved member health


Given these challenges, a one-size-fits-all approach to engagement simply won’t cut it. Only a targeted, member-centric approach can effectively reach members where they are, communicate with them how they want to be communicated with, and find the right ways to motivate health engagement.

Download the Case Study

At NovuHealth, we partnered with a large multi-state Medicaid plan to design an engagement program that did just that—and we’re sharing how in our new case study.


With our highly targeted and effective program, this Medicaid plan saw strong results across several measures. For example, member utilization—the percentage of targeted members who redeemed a health care activity for a reward—increased significantly. What’s more, 54.4% of previously non-compliant, hard-to-reach members closed their quality gaps.


The program also had a notable impact on members’ decision to stay with the plan: members who engaged in the program had 27% less churn that those who did not actively participate.


To learn more about the results we delivered, download the full case study below.

Download the Case Study


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