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How member engagement programs deliver CAHPS, HOS and consumer loyalty

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Member satisfaction can be a hard-to-pin-down variable. What specific strategies can your plan enact to make members happier and, at the same time, boost HOS and CAHPS scores? At NovuHealth, we turn to member engagement programs.


But before we dive into our solution, let’s unpack some of the trust and brand perception challenges the health care industry faces today. It’s no surprise that, when it comes to member satisfaction, health care could use a boost. In fact, health insurance has one of the lowest ratings on the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer, ranking only above the auto industry. Just look at the graphic below for another view at how health care fares in the reputation game.



Clearly, the obstacles health plans face when it comes to member satisfaction and loyalty are significant: barriers include convenience (e.g., taking time off work to attend a care appointment), complexity (e.g., confusion surrounding health care jargon) and fear (e.g., that going to the doctor may mean discovering a health issue). Yet, addressing these issues is key to impacting your plan’s HOS and CAHPS scores.


At NovuHealth, we believe in the power of overcoming member barriers with a holistic, member-centric engagement program. Through a combination of intelligent rewards and incentives, member targeting and personalized messaging, our programs lower the barriers of complexity and convenience—ultimately impacting key areas of the member experience and building customer loyalty over time.


Simply put, we deliver the right message at the right time to the right member to get the right results.


We know health plans have an opportunity to improve satisfaction by surprising and delighting their members with an engagement program. And we have the data to prove it.


Find out what we mean in this presentation from NovuHealth Vice President of Sales & Client Management Kristin Gasteazoro: “How Intelligent Member Engagement Programs Deliver CAHPS, HOS and Consumer Loyalty.” In it, plans will discover how to:

  • Link member engagement to higher satisfaction
  • Use propensity modeling to identify members likely to complete a satisfaction survey
  • Design an engagement program modeled on consumer loyalty programs

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Kristin Gasteazoro is Vice President of Sales & Client Management at NovuHealth. In this role, she oversees the company’s sales, business development and client management teams. Kristin brings over a decade of deep experience in behavioral health, serving the highest-need members in Medicaid, Medicare and other health plan lines of business.


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