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Fairview Health Services Launches Diabetes, Smoking Clinical Pilots

Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi

Today we're excited to announced that Fairview Health Services will launch five clinical pilot programs on the Novu Platform to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of augmenting traditional care resources with digital tools, such as rewards, community, challenges, devices and self-management programs. In the initial phase, Fairview will use Novu’s digital smoking cessation program, Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), as well as a combination of both. Moving forward, the organization will expand to use Novu’s Diabetes Management Program (DMP).

Health plans, employers and health systems are looking for new, innovative ways to better fight diabetes and help their teams on the front lines to deliver the best care. We believe that the consumer must play a large part in this fight, but they need the motivation, support and education to do so. At the same time, we aim to help providers and care teams bring in new tools and formats to help do their work more efficiently. This two-pronged approach has substantial potential, and Fairview is leading the way in their approach to this nationwide problem.

In a previous pilot with a large national health plan, Novu’s DPP was proven to outperform traditional, human capital-intensive models. The successful pilot enabled a targeted group of health plan members to achieve a 7.8% average weight reduction, more than 150 minutes of physical activity a week, and more than 90% participation in weekly telephonic coaching session. More than 80% of participants met their 5% weight loss goal.

Fairview Health Services is made up of six hospitals and 50 clinics, as well as senior, hospice and other health care-related services.

Interested in exploring how Novu's diabetes or smoking cessation programs can work for your organization? Contact us.