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Discover the engagement strategies you need to boost HEDIS measures

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In today’s value-based performance environment, quality improvement is as essential to member health as it is to plan success and profitability.


As a result, HEDIS, HOS and other member-centered Star ratings are of the utmost importance. 




And there’s no better way to boost these ratings than a member engagement program tailored to your plan’s objectives. But your level of success ultimately comes down to how well you design your program.


That’s why we shared practical insights for building a program that drives HEDIS performance and Star ratings at the 3rd Annual RISE Quality Leadership Summit. Led by NovuHealth’s VP of Payer Sales Kristin Gasteazoro, the presentation outlined how to:

  • Use member segmentation to drive incremental HEDIS performance
  • Identify the right members to engage using propensity modeling, machine learning techniques and third-party consumer data
  • Leverage rewards and incentives to motivate member engagement 

Get all the insights when you download the full presentation, “Using Intelligent Member Engagement Strategies to Drive Incremental HEDIS Performance and Star Ratings,” using the button below.

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Looking for more? Contact us to learn more about how we tailor rewards and engagement solutions to your member population using the latest in behavioral health science and healthcare data analytics.


Kristin Gasteazoro serves as Vice President of Sales at NovuHealth and oversees the company’s sales team. Kristin brings over a decade of sales leadership, operations and strategy experience to the role.


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