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Consumerism in health care: How health plans hold the key to the consumer revolution

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 Health care has lagged steadily behind the times when it comes to the consumer revolution.

 Consumerism in Health Care | How Health Plans Hold the Key to the Consumer Revolution


Yet, across industries, consumer expectations continue to rise. And while many in the health care industry would argue that the resistance to consumerism has been intentional—health care is not about selling products, it’s about caring for people’s health—we’ve seen that certain consumer values translate across the consumer and care spectrum as key to good business, regardless of end product. Across the board, consumers value and expect: excellent customer service, exceptional value and ease of use.


For health plans, this means there’s a tremendous opportunity to deliver a superior, personalized consumer experience. It all hinges on utilizing consumer data—much of which is already present within plans’ systems—to foster meaningful consumer engagement.


However, to tap into this data—and create truly personalized consumer experiences—health plans first need to boost their technology capabilities. At NovuHealth, our technology stack focuses on three key tenants to build stronger relationships between health plans and their members:

  1. Put the member in the middle.
  2. Connect directly to the marketing engine.
  3. Build on consumer and compliance expertise.

For more on our approach to data, technology and consumer engagement, download the full article: Consumerism in Health Care: How Health Plans Hold the Key to the Consumer Revolution. We delve deeper into why consumerism matters for health plans—and how investing in consumer engagement can result in better quality performance, risk identification, member satisfaction and retention, cost optimization and even member acquisition.


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