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Community Health Choice increases activation, closes diabetic care gaps with NovuHealth

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For non-profit, Houston-based HMO Community Health Choice, improving the health of underserved Medicaid and Health Insurance Marketplace populations is central to their mission. And as Community’s marketplace membership has continued to grow, so has the number of its members with diabetes.


Community Health Choice | Case Study


So how does Community reach and engage these members—especially the at-risk and hard-to-reach—and motivate them to take an active role in their health care?


In 2017, Community developed a strategy to motivate routine self-care and management—and improve health outcomes—among their diabetic population. A key part of this strategy was a rewards and incentive program, designed to increase member activation and completion of diabetic health care activities.


To implement such a program, Community partnered with NovuHealth—leveraging our expertise in working with underserved populations, our multi-lingual and omni-channel capabilities, as well as our HITRUST certification and strong privacy program.


How did we do it? The rewards and incentives program, branded Community Rewards, focused on 3,000 eligible members—and was tailored specifically to meet their needs. Integrated with Community’s patient portal, the program offered a seamless member experience, making it easy for members to engage.


The results of which speak for themselves:

  • The program surpassed its 10% activation goal, achieving a 30% activation rate.
  • The program also surpassed the utilization goal of 7-12%, reaching a 17.6% utilization rate.
  • Nearly 60% of activated members closed at least one diabetic gap.
  • In total, more than 2,000 previously non-compliant members closed more than 6,700 diabetic care gaps.


Pam Hanson, Community’s director, provider call center said, “With NovuHealth, we saw success from Day 1. We saw a definite spike in activity any time they reach out to our members and we’ve been very pleased with the results.”


To learn more about the results we delivered, download the full case study below.


Download the Case Study


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