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NovuHealth’s secret sauce: Improving diabetic care and delivering a 4-Star rating with Medicare incentive strategies

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Picture this not uncommon scenario: A large Medicare Advantage plan seeks to close gaps in care among its diabetic population and reach a 4-Star quality rating. Around half of their diabetic members (220,000 out of 430,000) are non-compliant. Yet, working with the same budget as the previous year, they needed a unique cost-effective solution to boosting member engagement. So the question naturally became, with an unchanged budget, could the plan significantly boost return on investment and improve health outcomes?

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Medicare health plan patient engaging with primary physician to address Diabetes.


At NovuHealth, we wanted to prove that it can be done. We’re releasing the results from our latest Medicare case study today, revealing the key to our solution—our secret sauce for boosting Star ratings. In collaboration with this plan, we took a limited budget, and delivered a solution that exceeded original business objectives.


Our approach takes the best practices from consumer marketing—combining data analytics, intelligent incentives and personalized communications to increase Star ratings. We continuously learn from member activity, refining and adapting our approach to deliver high-value, incremental behavior changes. And with our proprietary technology, we can deliver these changes automatically to deliver personalized member engagement and a high return on investment.

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In building a custom solution for this Medicare Advantage plan, we delivered significant increases in member activation and engagement, as well as the number of activities completed per member, and boosted the plan’s Star score all the way to 4.0.


Download the case study to see the full results, and learn how we leverage member engagement to improve Medicare plan performance. Or, contact us to learn more about how we tailor rewards and engagement solutions to your member population using the latest in behavioral health science and data analytics.

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