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The ultimate health engagement feat: Reaching hard-to-reach Medicaid members

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It’s no secret that, for Medicaid plans, engaging members can be a big challenge. While some members will naturally attend their care appointments, others simply can’t due to transportation, child care or other restraints. Then there are those members who are likely to close gaps with sufficient incentives and engaging reminders—and have the biggest impact on your HEDIS score. But how to engage these hard-to-reach members, most likely to move the needle on plan performance?

Get the Case StudyMedicaid members due for pre-natal and well-child visits were most likely to raise this plan's HEDIS measures.


At NovuHealth, we work with Medicaid plans to drive continuous member engagement among the right member populations, so we can impact behavior cost-effectively. And we’re revealing our game plan in our new Medicaid case study, out today.


In partnership with a large Medicaid plan, we set out to close gaps in care and improve plan performance. And as the data geeks that we are, we did our research. In this case, the research showed us we’d be most successful by targeting members due to attend prenatal and well-child visits. With these likely-to-engage members identified, we worked to engage them with a multi-channel member experience and multiple, timely incentives.

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With this approach—targeting the right member with the right message through the right channel and using extrinsic value to influence incremental behavior change—we effectively overcame barriers and engaged the hard-to-reach. Working with the same budget the plan allotted in the previous year, we closed 121K more gaps in care, while significantly bringing down the cost associated with each of those gap closures.


Download the case study to see the full results, and learn how we leverage member engagement to improve Medicaid plan performance. Or, contact us to learn more about how we tailor rewards and engagement solutions to your member population using the latest in behavioral health science and data analytics.

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