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Meet the New Novu Community

Elycia Arendt

Getting motivated and sharing your health and wellness accomplishments with others has never been easier. The new and improved Novu Community allows users to easily share what's on their mind.

All features of the community are accessible from any mobile device, allowing users to take the power of the Novu with them wherever they go.

Novu for Mobile Devices 



Sharing photos is simple. You can drag-and-drop a photo directly from your computer or mobile device, as well as perform a traditional upload.

 Novu Community Photo Upload



The new High Five feature allows users to quickly give support to their health buddies, similar to liking a post on Facebook or Pinterest.

 Novu High Five Feature



Finding new health buddies has never been easier. Novu will make customized suggestions based on an individual's interests and goals. Simply click on the suggesstion to learn more about that person or topic. 

 Novu Health Buddies and Novu Groups











To see these and other great features of the Novu Community, watch the full announcement video below.