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How to Engage Healthcare Consumers Every Day - For Decades

Elycia Arendt

Healthcare and Social Media EngagementCompanies are able to engage with their customers online like never before, but what does it take to keep that conversation going not just for a day, but for decades?

For the last several years, with the startling exception of healthcare, every industry has developed loyalty platforms to help acquire, retain and influence their most valuable customers. Whether it's a discount, a special offer, or a service, loyalty programs are designed to bring consumers back to a business repeatedly over a long period of time.  

So why is the healthcare industry, a truly life-long proposition, so far behind when it comes to this type of consumer engagement? Why do consumers feel disconnected from their healthcare providers, when the local sandwich shop can get them to come back regularly with nothing more than a rewards punch card?  

Many businesses simply do not have the capacity to engage with consumers online. The difficulty still remains. In this digital age of Facebook and smart phones, consumers expect instant information, community and conversation. So how do you solve this business need?

This was the topic of discussion at the 2nd Annual Healthcare Direct-to-Consumer Marketing & Customer Relationship Management Innovations National Forum. Tom Wicka, a national leader on consumer engagement, discussed healthcare industry challenges, digital loyalty platforms solutions and how to engage healthcare consumers online.

Of particular focus was the Novu Health Engagement Platform, which rewards and empowers the actions of consumers to make positive choices in their overall health. Novu creates a personalized health and wellness program online for every individual it services. Specific health topics are broken down into small, manageable steps that each individual can realistically achieve. Community and rewards help motivate their continued interest, and brings them back to their program daily. Novu doesn't promise an overnight, quick fix to its consumers. It's step-by-step. It's day by day. It's decade by decade.

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