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5 tips: Choosing the right rewards and member engagement strategy for Medicaid rewards and engagement programs

Jordan Mauer
Choosing the right rewards and member engagement strategy for Medicaid rewards and engagement programs

Want to motivate your Medicaid members to engage in their care and complete desired health behaviors? A Medicaid rewards and engagement program is a great place to start when it comes to improving health outcomes and HEDIS quality measures—and as you might imagine, how you choose to engage and reward your members can have a significant impact on your program’s success. But, as a Medicaid health plan, how can you determine which rewards and engagement strategies will be most attractive to your members? That’s the million-dollar question, and we’re here to help answer it with these 5 insights:


Consider cost-conscious attitudes

Medicaid members often need help with the fundamentals, such as money (via debit cards or gift cards), meals, transportation, childcare and prepaid mobile minutes. These can be good jumping-off points when determining what reward types will be effective for your program.


Plan for mobile engagement

Medicaid members are mobile. You may decide to offer prepaid mobile minutes as a reward, communicate about your program via text messaging, or perhaps you’ll simply want to make sure your platform is mobile friendly, so members can claim or redeem rewards anytime, anywhere.


Offer freedom in spending

When it comes to rewards, Medicaid members want choice. That’s why we recommend prepaid debit cards—they give members greater freedom to spend how and where they want. Plus, they’ve been gaining in popularity as sought-after rewards. In a Novu case study, out of 17 reward options, the number one redemption at 68.7% was a debit card, followed by an Amazon gift card at 21.2%.


Select the right amount

When choosing the reward amount, be careful not to overcompensate the member or underachieve on the results. At Novu, we’ve found that a $25 incentive drives the majority of behaviors (although with a higher barrier behavior, like a colon cancer screening, a higher dollar amount may be required to motivate the member).


Make it simple

No member wants to have to jump through hoops to claim and redeem their rewards. Make sure your process is streamlined and intuitive to keep members from getting confused or frustrated and dropping off. At Novu, that means program materials written at grade reading-level, a straightforward digital user interface, and call center support. The easier it is to participate in your Medicaid rewards program, the sooner you’ll see engagement levels rise.


Armed with these Medicaid-focused insights, you’re ready to choose the right rewards for your program. So, how can you nail the other elements of a successful Medicaid rewards and engagement program? Download our white paper for the full scoop. 


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