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Key implications from the 2018 CMS final Call Letter and what’s next for Medicare member engagement

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With the April 4 release of the 2018 final Call Letter, the importance of quality performance, efficient use of administrative expenses and Medicare member engagement have been made clearer than ever.

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2 Medicare plan employees reviewing rewards and incentives program options for 2018 Medicare Advantage bids.

The good news is, you can impact each of these efforts through one common, powerful strategy: member engagement through rewards and incentives programs. Including Medicare rewards and incentives programs that are scientifically based, clinically proven, and analytically driven will help your plan tackle these areas in an efficient and effective manner. So, avoid this potential pitfall by including a rewards program in your plan benefit package in your 2018 bid.


Being the health care industry’s leading consumer engagement and behavior change company, we walk through the key changes in the letter and what they mean for Medicare Advantage plans.

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“One of the implications of this year’s final Call Letter is the growing importance of putting the member at the center of the health care experience,” said Tom Wicka, NovuHealth CEO. “Medicare rewards and engagement programs will be central to this effort in the years to come.”


Although there were few surprises in the final Call Letter from CMS, and most of the news was benign or positive, the letter made clear that Medicare rewards programs; ongoing, differentiated and high-value member interaction; and robust health care data analytics will be essential for plans seeking an advantage in the marketplace in 2018 and beyond.

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